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Da Bomb of Da Month – Betty Postma

Da Bomb of Da Month – Betty Postma

Betty Postma A.K.A. BakerBetty is Da Bomb of Da Month for January 2017! Betty attends class every week. When she misses, we all starve, because she brings us delicious homemade Jarbread to enjoy during our learning sessions. FUSE Business Training appreciates Betty's loyalty. We're so thankful that she values the investment in herself and her business enough to allow us to take her by the hand and help her jump from step to step to create massive success in her business! Learn more about BakerBetty below (and then visit - and "like" - her Facebook page to order a tasty treat)! Better yet, if you become a member yourself, you'l get to taste her bread for free! Join us at an upcoming class! Who is Betty Postma? I am a mom of…
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