How You Can Expand Your Business Through Pinterest

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When you think about social media platforms suited for business use, you probably don’t immediately think of Pinterest. A visual-based social media site, Pinterest is essentially an electronic pinboard where you can save pieces of multimedia to various themed “boards” (so you might have a board full of recipes, a board full of cat pictures, etc.). This might not initially seem conducive to business purposes, but Barbara is quick to remind people that if there is a user base, there is a potential audience, and Pinterest has a sizable user base.

Doing business on Pinterest is one of the sites’ best-kept secrets: many people don’t realize that Pinterest even has business accounts. Thankfully it is quick and easy to set one up. The process should take a couple of minutes at most.

1.) Just go to the website:

2.) Click Sign Up (if you don’t have an account) or Join as a business (if you want to convert your existing account).

You get three major benefits from upgrading to a business account:


A business account grants you access to statistics showing how much activity your account is getting on a daily or monthly basis. The most important stats to keep in mind are Clicks (which indicate that someone clicked on your pin to get a closer look) and Saves (which indicate that someone saved your pin to a board). Along with tracking how popular your pins are, you can also get more in-depth information on your followers and those who save your content, including location, gender, primary language, and personal interests. You can also view boards that include your pins and see what brands your followers like.


Once you connect a credit card to your business account, you can set up ad campaigns that help promote your account and your posts to a wider audience. There are several different types of campaigns to choose from, each with different objectives, such as brand awareness, increasing website traffic or promoting an app. Obviously, you have to pay for advertising, but you determine the exact cost, establishing a daily and total budget for the campaign.

Buy Buttons

A new addition to the site that’s still in Beta, the Buy Button allows you to sell your products directly through Pinterest rather than going to an outside website. This can be useful for encouraging impulse buys.

One of the major benefits of Pinterest is that it does not require as much work as other social media websites. Creating a pin is as easy as uploading a picture, setting the website you want the pin to transfer people to (a blog post, a product page), writing a description and placing it in a board. Furthermore, Pinterest does not require as much upkeep to maintain audience engagement, as customers are far more likely to see your pins through searches than their homepage feed.

Here are some additional tips for getting the most out of Pinterest:

• Use keywords effectively. People tend to find pins through searches, so consider what someone who would buy your product would be looking for. If a pin does especially well, pay attention the words and picture you used.
• Make sure your pin’s description is written in full sentences, as search engines tend to skip over bullet points.
• Try to include what Barbara calls an IFO, an Irresistible Free Offer. People love free things, and an IFO is a good way to get people to go from Pinterest to your website.
• Every pin you post can also be shared on Facebook and Twitter. It’s fine to do this sporadically, as it can lead followers from your other social media accounts to your Pinterest. Don’t overdo it though, as people hate seeing the same content spammed across multiple accounts.
• Selling a product on Pinterest is much easier than selling a service. That said, you can still try to draw in customers by appealing to the audience you think would be interested in your services.