What is the Roadmap?

  • What to do & Why it’s important
  • How to do it & where to go to do it or get help
  • When to do these tasks
  • Resources & connections to make it easier
  • Challenges & roadblocks that you might face in each step

Below is a snapshot of the guided roadmap that a FUSE Business Training VIP Member navigates through during Level One of the BDGS  (Business Development, Growth, and Success) certification. Each of the “stops” on the map represent an entire curriculum based around that specified category. Please visit the Membership page to learn more and apply for a VIP Membership Opportunity.


Use the images below to access the content & resources in each category.

Note: You will only be able to access whichever Level(s) you are currently working on or have already completed.


Coming in April 2021