Financing and Retirement: When to Meet With a Financial Advisor

It is undeniable, no matter what your career or your path in life is that finances will play a part in it now, in the future, and nearly each day of your life. Finances can determine how you live on a day-to-day basis.  From what you eat and wear to what you drive and where you live are all based on financial decisions.

The Why

Finances change as the economy changes, as our life changes, as our family grows and so on.  There are obviously several factors that can influence our finances, some beyond our control, but many we control based on the decisions we make.  So, how can we make better choices? How do we know we are making good choices?  How do we know how our current choices will affect our future and eventually our ability to retire, our ability to raise our family if we lose our spouse, or you become unable to work?  One would think that there is not a simple answer to all those questions, and I would have to agree but there is a way to be better prepared. 

To prepare for now, the future, and the inevitable it is crucial to visit a financial advisor.  A financial advisor can help you find the right life insurance, plan for your funeral expenses (face it, no one lives forever), invest/save and hopefully have a retirement you can be happy with.  

The When   

The hardest part of meeting with a financial advisor is making that initial appointment.  There is never a “right time” or the “right amount” of money to have.  In fact, most people wait too long to make that initial appointment.

According to Chris Janota from Envoy Wealth Management in his Interview with Barbara Carr from Fuse Empire he states,

“that people’s biggest mistake is waiting to long to see a financial advisor or start saving.”

Chris Janota,

Having your finances in order, particularly to cover all the “what ifs” in life makes life much less stressful.  If you have not made sure you will be able to retire one day, please make an appointment with a financial advisor. Free yourself from the stresses of living and just get out there and enjoy life.

Amber N. Waggoner
Administrative assistant at Fuse Empire

Amber Waggoner is a former Illinois family law attorney, where she practiced law for nearly 10 years in the cook and will county courthouses.  She now serves as the administrative assistant for Fuse Empire which is owned and operated by Barbara Carr.  She has a passion for helping to find new and innovative ways to operate, magage, and grow your business.

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