Internet Filtering: Guard What’s Important to You

Now adays we use the internet for everything. We use it for shopping, education, work, and entertainment.  With internet use being so high and growing exponentially how do we keep the bad out so we can enjoy the many good aspects of the world wide web?

I guess the simple answer to keeping the bad parts of the internet away from your family is having an internet filter but how do you know which one is right for your family as it grows and evolves?

Joe Labate, from Clean Internet, I think said it best in that a good internet filter should…

“Guard what’s important to you.”

Joe Labate, Barbara talks Business Podcast,

The Benefits

The benefits of internet filtering are different for each family and/or individual.  Internet filtering can be used to keep pornography out of the home away from the eyes of your children or if you do not have children it can keep pornography out to decrease temptation further preventing a husband/wife from straying from their spouse and their path with the Lord. 

Those of us with children can appreciate the benefit of internet filtering as it helps keep the predators away. I mean who does not want to guard their children from as many negative/provocative websites possible.

With homeschooling and e-learning becoming more and more prevalent and nearly almost unavoidable in most cases, protecting our children online is no longer and option but a necessity. Kids are inquisitive.

Filtering vs Accountability

A marriage is built on trust and trust starts with accountability.  Building a strong marriage will lead to a strong happy family. A great feature of internet filtering is being accountable to your spouse for what you view.  It prevents so many instances in which temptation could cause a slip that could potentially end a marriage. 

Accountability is a great place to start with your internet filter but as your family grows filtering will further protect your children. As your kids search seemingly educational or entertainment sites filtering prevents them from stumbling onto something their little eyes should not view and as they get older it prevents them from pulling up things they should not be searching for.  In other words, from accountability in a marriage to the protection of your family and your children as your family grows internet filtering can help continuously protect your family and grow with you even into old age.

Clean Internet

Clean Internet is a filtering and accountability product that not only guards what is important but grows with you. This is a product my family uses and loves. It prevents anything that could compromise our faith or tempt us from the path of the Lord.

Make sure you have a filtering product that cares about guarding what is important to you! A good product helps provide a safe environment affordably because you can’t afford not to.  What is at stake is invaluable.

Amber N. Waggoner
Administrative assistant at Fuse Empire

Amber Waggoner is a former Illinois family law attorney, where she practiced law for nearly 10 years in the cook and will county courthouses.  She now serves as the administrative assistant for Fuse Empire which is owned and operated by Barbara Carr.  She has a passion for helping to find new and innovative ways to operate, magage, and grow your business.

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