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As a business owner and someone who works directly with dozens of businesses daily, I have found the key to efficiency in meeting the needs of my business and meeting the needs of my clients is organization!  Nothing keeps a business more organized than the platform AllProWebTools. 

Read more about why our team loves this platform for business management below!

Ask yourself:

  • Does your business want more clients?
  • Does your business want to keep your current client’s organized and happy?
  • Do you want to be able to manage everything in one place and link all your current management operations to one platform to update concurrently? 

If you answered yes to any or all these questions you could truly benefit from AllProWebTools.  Unlike many business operation management programs AllProWebTools meets all the needs of your business whether they are many or few and the best part is they only charge you for what you need! In other words, you can purchase only the services YOUR business needs and leave out the ones it doesn’t.

Organizing Your Business

Arguably the most important part of your business running smoothly is organization.  AllProWebTools has some of the most helpful features in customer relationship management also known as CRM.  CRM is a technology for managing all your company’s relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers. The goal is simple: Improve business relationships. A CRM system helps companies stay connected to customers, streamline processes, and improve profitability. 

Customizing your CRM’s is easy as you can create your own custom fields in just about any subject matter or category pertinent to your business or that client.  You can also add custom tags to your CRM which allows for efficient email and text marketing. Clients can be tagged in various interest groups, that you create, so later when you want to contact everyone who is interested in a particular group, topic, or podcast, you aren’t racking your brain or doing extra work because they are all conveniently located in one spot.  You can also task and add appointments to your CRM and AllProWebTools allows Google calendar integration.  With this feature you can set a follow up in AllProWebTools and it automatically sets it on google calendar.

Your CRM also allows you to manage/organize client’s birthdays, anniversary, career title and contact information.  Likely the most amazing feature for organization is that all texts, emails, Facebook messages and important tasks are integrated into the individual client’s CRM and kept in their client timeline notes below their name.   This feature allows you to keep all information for each client in one spot, so you no longer forget birthdays, any important dates, upcoming events, or even what you spoke about last.  This information is not only conveniently located but is easily searchable by client name or even something as simple as a key term.

Managing Your Business

AllProWebTools allows you to manage your business, all your clients, and all your employees/independent contractors from one platform.  Your business can have multiple users without having to pay for a subscription for each user. So… if you are looking for a way to help keep all your information in one place and allow all your independent contractors access, this is IT!  You can also limit the amount of access each user has or what they can see, for instance, if there is particularly sensitive information or if they only work with certain clients etc.

Another amazing feature, especially for those of us with billable hours is the ability to easily print up labor reports that show all your notes for each time you clocked in.  These labor reports can be printed for both clients and for employees/independent contractors. 

Lastly and one of my favorite management features is the link to Standard Operating Procedures.  I use this all the time for my business.  Maintaining an extensive and accurate list of Standard Operating Procedures allows anyone who logs on to your platform to perform any of the specific procedures in the way you have outlined.  This feature is great if you have employees or contractors who perform various tasks for you in that it keeps all the tasks performed orderly since everyone follows the same operating procedure.  This feature is also great if you ever go out of town or are incapacitated for some reason or another anyone who comes in can read them and can manage your business accordingly. 

Growing Your Business

AllProWebTools helps you grow your business through organization and management, along with many tools that larger business use on a regular basis such as email and text marketing.  Included with every single subscription you get FREE (yes, I said FREE) webhosting.  Whether you have a website already or need one created your subscription will come with your very own website.  In today’s electronic world having a website or even a few websites are an absolute must have to grow your business. 

Also, a great assistant in growing your business through AllProWebTools is their email funneling.  Email funneling allows you to send out a mass email campaign, which by the way through their program looks like emails sent individually (an amazing feature).  Through this feature if someone opens the email you sent out, a second email will be automatically sent and so on and so forth. 

Further, when you send text campaigns out to tagged groups, you can do all this though the platform on the computer through specific tags you created so you can focus your marketing to particular groups that would be interested in what you are marketing at that particular moment.  This feature is also a great way to send out reminders for meetings, events, or podcasts. 

As if everything I have mentioned isn’t enough for your business to jump on board with AllProWebTools I have one more to mention and that is their certified Marketing Experts, like myself, that would be happy to share tips and be by your side to answer questions so you too will be up and running in no time. 

Growing a business can be overwhelming but with AllProWebTools you too can organize and manage your business more efficiently so you can work on your business, not just in it.

Fuse Empire is the parent company to the entire FUSE Brand, which owns a multitude of companies that all focus on growing businesses and growing people. Our company Fuse Virtual Assistant Services offers a service that will allow you to do all of the above very quickly and efficiently. The service includes:

  • Strategy Call to Determine Your Needs
  • Complete Set Up of All Pro Web Tools based on that Strategy Call
  • User Accounts Set Up for your Entire Team (no matter the size)
  • One Hour Customized Training Session with Our Team 
  • 30-minute Follow Up Call 2 weeks after you’ve started using the system for any other questions that arise
Amber N. Waggoner
Administrative assistant at Fuse Empire

Amber Waggoner is a former Illinois family law attorney, where she practiced law for nearly 10 years in the cook and will county courthouses.  She now serves as the administrative assistant for Fuse Empire which is owned and operated by Barbara Carr.  She has a passion for helping to find new and innovative ways to operate, magage, and grow your business.

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