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Providing Clarity to Build a New Better Normal

Today is Monday for those of you who are confused about the days during mandated shutdowns. We are fast approaching another stage of reopening in many states, from businesses to schools & parks. We are facing economic issues and social injustice issues and uncertain times. The road ahead is not the one we knew just a few months ago.

Leadership Mindset

Leadership will be the key to how an organization makes its way. Many organizations are pondering how to start up again or how to return full operation. It could be very tempting for leaders to seek quick fixes or a silver bullet or even return to the old ways,  as we remerge. Dr. Bob Johansen, a futurist and the author of Full Spectrum Thinking, in a recent webinar shared his thoughts. He shared that opposed to looking for certainty in quick fixes, leaders would be better served to look for long term clarity of direction. He noted that the search for certainty or definite answers leads to categorical thinking and stifles consideration of all options. The search for definite answers also leads to short term vision instead of setting a long term course of action.

Many experts postulate that addressing the many impacts of COVID 19 and Social injustice will be long term; hence short term thinking is not helpful.  Last week this blog addressed Values, Vision, and Love as long term guiding lights to building a new better normal. Leaders who operate in a leadership mindset value all people, have a vision of purpose to service beyond the organization and consider love as adding long term benefit. With clarity of purpose organizations, businesses, churches, and family will have clarity about where they are headed and why. The leader of an organization should understand that things may change, but they can stay the course.

An Example and the A.C.T. Model

An example of this would be Ford, who pivoted from making cars to ventilators. Ford is still serving people just making a different product. Many changes, such as an online church, may become a more significant part of church participation as we move forward.

A useful model of how to execute with value, vision, and love as an organization moving forward is offered by Brad Chase in his book Strategy First. Chase notes that once an organization has clarity of vision and value with love, the A.C.T. model can be executed.

 A—Alignment and Accountability

Alignment and Accountability set expectations.

Do our strategy and actions match our vision and values in love?
Who is accountable to make sure we are on course?

C–Clear Commitment

Clear Commitment to communicate and over-communicate vision, value, and love. This becomes a rallying cry of unification for the organization.

Do all levels of leadership in the organization communicate and over-communicate the vision, value, and acting in love?

T–Track the results of the ACT Model

What will you use as measures of Vision, Value, and Love? 

There are many possible measures including: surveys, online polling, and worker attendance, One can also use feedback from workers and clients, production to error ratios, profits shipping performance, and even attendance.

How will you celebrate progress and address concerns? 

Measurable short term wins build morale and strengthen culture. Learning from errors from a solution approach and quick response, instead of a blame approach will build a team and business.


The A.C.T. model will help guide your execution by alignment, accountability, commitment to communicate, and tracking results in clarity to help you stay on course. There will be course corrections as we move forward. Some ideas will work, some will flop. Leading in clarity on value vision and love, we can celebrate success and learn from setbacks to build up people who we serve and lead in the long term to build a new Better normal together. Leaders can serve and lead to add value beyond their organizations.

Leadership question for you:

Are you willing to make an effort now to resist short term fixes for vision, value, and love and ACT for a new better normal?

John Hackett, Ed. D

John Hackett, Ed. D is a servant leader who helps people and organizations move from where they are to where they want to be. John is an accomplished and experienced coach, trainer, writer, and leader in a variety of educational and other nonprofit and direct sales settings. He is a growing, learning entrepreneur in coaching and training who is passionate about equipping leaders to develop other leaders to serve. John is a certified trainer and coach with the Direct Selling World Alliance. John is a coach for the FUSE Business Training and a member of the John Maxwell team!


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